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By TT News| Jul 20, 2020

MICHELIN Track Connect app upgraded

After being tested for more than two years on a multitude of circuits, local and national rallies, by amateur drivers as well as by professionals, MICHELIN Track Connect is evolving. MICHELIN Track Connect app has now been upgraded to three different for the users- leisure mode, expert mode and motorsports mode.

All the features introduced in the new version of MICHELIN Track Connect are perfect answers to the needs expressed directly by users, said the company.

The Leisure mode makes its debut in the latest generation of the MICHELIN Track Connect application. In this mode, it is possible to record lap times and speeds, as well as the evolution of tyre inflation pressures between the start and finish, measured manually. It also helps to analyse in detail its runs with the "Replay" mode. It also allows the users to share their results with a community of enthusiasts, as well as on social media. The users can compare their performance to that of other drivers and invite some other drivers to participate in new challenges.

With the purchase of MICHELIN Pilot Sport CUP2 Connect tyres  as well as the MICHELIN Track Connect kit consisting in particular of four sensors and the central connection box, sports car owners shift into higher gear for increased driving pleasure.

In addition to the functions of Leisure mode, the MICHELIN Track Connect Expert mode allows you to monitor evolution of tyre pressures and temperatures in real-time and benefit from recommendations to improve lap times, dedicated to the vehicle, the track and the weather conditions.

Through this advice on pressures and temperatures provided by the app, the MICHELIN Track Connect solution in Expert mode allows the user to optimise the handling of its car, for more driving pleasure and better lap times. Tyre wear and consistency of performance on track are also improved, with for example a gain of 7.40 seconds after a series of 15 consecutive laps.

 Michelin has always used competition as a development laboratory. On November 2019, during the FIA Formula E Championship, Michelin launched the first connected competition tyres, fitted with integrated sensors, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport with MICHELIN Track Connect.

Today, amateur and professional rally drivers also have access to a connected tyre solution, thanks to the MICHELIN Track Connect in Motorsport mode, in combination with the connection kit and the purchase of MICHELIN Connect ready competition tyres.

 The benefits of the new Motorsport mode are optimisation of race performance by preparing the tyres with the correct pressure before the start. The app provides personalised advice according to the car model, use, type of tires fitted and driving conditions. It gives continuous information on tyre pressure on the smartphone screen, thereby limiting manual gestures before each special stage start. It also informs about the exploitation of the full potential of the tyres, by analysing the data recorded during a run and by proposing adjusted pressures for the next one. The automatic slow puncture warning increases safety during competitions.

The use of this innovation has just been validated by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for all national rally championships.

The MICHELIN Track Connect kit is sold in 18 countries in Expert mode, the app is already available in Leisure mode in 26 countries, spread over 4 continents. The app also includes more than 300 circuits recorded. In addition, for users wishing to switch to Expert mode by fitting Connect ready tires, the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport CUP2 Connect is available in a range of 47 sizes which are all Connect ready and therefore compatible. This now represents more than 270 vehicles in Expert mode and more than 6,000 vehicles present in the application in Leisure mode.

Renault Sport Racing and Michelin have joined forces on the new Clio Rally for safer and more efficient connected mobility. The latest Renault Sport Racing car is delivered from the factory with the MICHELIN Track Connect kit in Motorsport mode, consisting of a connection box directly installed in the car, and 4 sensors to be inserted into the tyres. Crews then only have to provide with connect ready MICHELIN rally tires and download the app on their smartphones to take full advantage of the connected tyres solution.

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