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By TT News| Jul 24, 2020

Smithers’ market report discusses impact of ride-sharing on the tyre industry

The passenger ride-hailing segment is anticipated to grow to over $285.0 billion by 2030, says a report- The Impact of Ride Sharing on Tire Markets to 2029, published by Smithers. 

The report added that in the same period, it is expected to account for over 83.0 billion passenger trips worldwide. 

In this report, Smithers explores trends in the mobility market focusing on an increased understanding of how the ride-sharing segment fits in, where it will grow the most, the drivers responsible for that growth and, how the tyre markets with their associated value chains will be impacted by it.

The report has an exclusive content that includes a comprehensive discussion of developing trends in ride-sharing and its influence on the tyre market and an analysis of current ride-sharing business models and strategic alliances and their impact on how tyres are marketed and sold. 

It also includes the current tyre industry scenario and how it relates to vehicle ownership and fleet management with a focus on ride-sharing and other mobility trends.

According to Smithers, the report can be bought by OEMs and tyre manufacturers, rubber, chemical and equipment suppliers, tyre fillers and additive suppliers, vehicle servicers and tyre distributors and Industry consultants and analysts.

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