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By TT News| Jul 28, 2020

Smithers publishes report on the global tyre end-use growth by 2024

In its report, The Future of Global Tires to 2024, Smithers shares a comprehensive study on the tyre end-use growth in volume and value terms by 2024. 

Valued at $230 billion in 2018, Smithers says, the global tyre industry is poised for further growth as it adapts to meet global challenges across a complex matrix of tyre types, material inputs, end uses and global regions. Supported by a generally favourable global economic climate, all tyre end uses, and types are expected to grow in volume and value terms through 2024, with speciality applications like motorcycles, high-performance tyres, and OTR leading the market. 

The report analyses the changing tyre design, manufacturing and raw materials to meet new and historically contradictory demands, and has evaluated the growth drivers and challenges in major regional markets.

Smithers, in its report, covers the global tyre industry and provides exclusive insights into a highly diversified marketplace. It also shares detailed information on the growth in volume and value terms with speciality applications like motorcycles, high-performance tyre, and OTR leading the market. In-depth analysis of the tyre market through drivers and trends, raw materials, type, end-use, and region can also be found in the report. 

The report has been prepared on data and information gathered from a diverse array of trade, government, technical, and business sources, both secondary and primary, including trade shows and conversations with industry participants. Integrating quantitative and qualitative data, the report takes a global view, in light of the diverse and interconnected supply chains that characterise the vehicle and tire industries in every region. Perspectives from all lifecycle participants are taken into account from raw material suppliers to OEs, manufacturers, distributors and marketers, motorists and fleet managers, and government sources.

Raw material suppliers, OEMs and tyre manufacturers, rubber, chemical and equipment suppliers, vehicle servicers and tyre distributors and industry consultants and analysts can buy this report. 

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